Video Production Services

Professional video production, fully managed by an expert video producer.


Your video will be planned and produce in-line with your brand guidelines and strategic vision 


Onsite professional video capture including 4K Video, Aerial Drone Filming and Immersive 360° video  


We’ll craft an engaging video for your audience including branding, graphics music and more 


We manage client video channels for upload, branding and optimisation

We create professional video content for brands across the UK from our base in Glasgow, Scotland.  

From initial concept through to delivery, our team of experienced video experts will work closely with you to deliver on your video objectives and ambitions.  We produce full-service video projects for online channels, websites and specially crafted social media video.

We often work with digital savvy communication and marketing professionals who understand the value of video and the importance of quality and strategic focus.  If you’re new to video communications and/or video marketing, we’ll create the same focus by developing your video objective, message and audience. 

As specialists in video, we compliment your in-house skills and expertise in your market, to ensure your video looks great and works.  

Anyone can make a video these days, but it’s what is held inside the video that holds the true value.  This is why we offer video production training and support to everyone who wants to produce more content in-house with the added security of our professional services when you need them. 

Some of our recent video projects

Social Media Video

Short & Sweet

We keep your social video crafted to under 1 minute to ensure it can be used across all of the major social channels and maintain interest. 


Strategy & Brand

Your video will be planned and produce in-line with your brand guidelines and strategic vision and social media marketing plan.

Channel & Screen

We tailor for social channels and screen size, ensuring that it plays natively and is tailored for the channel like captions for silent viewing.

Audience & Objective

Your social audience and objectives should be kept social and be focused on the audience as much as your objective. 

Online & Website Video

Focused Message

Your online and website video should be focused on your core messaging to complement the surrounding content.


Strategy & Brand

We often produce a social media trailer that engages and links to the longer form video content ensuring audiences reach your objective. 

Channel & Screen

Your website and video channels like youtube allow for your content to be longer in format and deeper in message.

Audience & Objective

Your online & website video should be focused on this audience and it’s viewing habits, without forgetting about your core objectives. 


Simple and honest pricing so we can easily work to your budget.


Full-Service Video Projects

Bespoke, fully managed video projects to ensure your message and objects are transferred into high quality, strategic video.

Online Video Co-Production

Create strategic, crafted video content online using in-house video content or from existing video projects.

Full-Service Video Production

 Video Production

<4h from £350 + VAT

<10h from £420 + VAT

Includes: All equipment, 4K video camera, audio, lighting + specialist drone filming, 360° video & photography.


Video Editing

From £147 + VAT

Includes: Video editing, branding, titles, graphics, colour grading, music licence, online review system & unlimited project storage.


Video Projects

From £749 + VAT

Includes: Strategy and planning with a FoSho Video Project Manager, onsite pro-video production, 4K video equipment, sound, lighting, drone filming, 360 video or photography, video editing, branding, titles, graphics, colour grading, music licence, online review system & unlimited project storage.

Online Video Co-Production

Online Co-Production

From £196 + VAT

Includes: Strategy and planning with a FoSho Video Project Manager, video editing, branding, titles, graphics, colour grading, music licence, Vimeo online review & unlimited project storage.

FoSho Video Membership (coming soon)

Coming Soon

FoSho Video Membership is your very own video training and production team in your pocket, ready to help with your communication and marketing objectives and ambitions.  

As a member, you’ll have a single point of contact with access to unlimited online coaching and support, 24-7 training and production booking and our flexible service hours, lowering costs, maximising investment and removing the barriers of traditional purchasing.  

If you’d like to know more please contact us today.

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