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If you’re here, you know how powerful video is for your communication and marketing.  As humans, we’re hard-wired to respond to moving image and sound and this is why we love video!   A video in itself is not the solution, its what we create together, within the video that matters.  Your audience, your objectives, your video content.

We’re an online-first video agency, founded to help people around the world to create regular, quality video content with hands-on support from video professionals, anywhere, anytime.

Filmmaking is a team effort and as a FoSho Video Member, you can consider us part of your team.  We can work together producing bespoke video content for you using industry professionals or help you produce your own in-house.

Our aim to reach beyond your video ambitions and objectives.  We do this by working with the best in video talent and online production tools.  Our online services include video training, support, editing and cloud storage.  Our onsite services include video production, drone filming, training, workshops, secondments, as well as developing In-house video production studios and video workflows.

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